Thursday, December 6, 2012

Puff the Magic Drag and Addiction on America

 Many of you have seen the letter signed by ten New England Governors who are against importing overpriced wind energy from Iowa.  This letter is from 85 US Representatives who are against the Production Tax Credit for wind energy.

Maybe you have heard the radio commercials from the American Wind Energy Association advocating the passage of the Production Tax Credit for windmills on WLS 890AM.   It is utterly foolish for America to pass the Production Tax Credit for wind energy when the nation is borrowing from China, headed for a "fiscal cliff", and faced with a dwindling tax base as baby boomers are getting older.

There are so many Republicans in Congress who claim to be "conservative" yet think spending billions on wind turbines is a good idea.  It's good to see there is at least one Illinois conservative who is opposed to the PTC.  Rep. Randy Hultgren is opposed to the PTC.  

Last September a US Representative and US Senator wrote an Op Ed for the Wall Street Journal "Puff the Magic Drag on the Economy".

Puff the Magic Drag on the Economy is a perfect analogy.  The PTC is a drug on the economy.  It feels good at the time.  Companies like boast it creates jobs.  When the drug is gone, so are the jobs.  Listen to the American Wind Energy Association commercials.  The AWEA sounds like a junkie begging for its next fix.

After 20 years, the turbine manufacturing industry is now addicted to the subsidy.  Several Washington politicians are addicted to the subsidy and the campaign funding it provides.  It's not surprising so many "conservatives" support the American Wind Energy Association and are unwilling to take a position on RICL.  Yes, some politicians also like puffing on the drug called PTC.

I listen to people like RCL's Hans Detweiler boast claims of job creations and think he sounds like a drug dealer encouraging the people of Northern Illinois to become addicted to his new drug of choice.  He claims dumping so much electricity into the Chicagoland market will surely make the price go down but he refuses to get into specifics.  Like a classic drug dealer, his claims will make you feel good for a moment.  

 About 11 minutes in the video below Han's starts talking about Illinois job creation.  It's interesting to watch his mannerism as he looks to the side and his speech drifts a liar knowing he is full of crap.  His body language speaks volumes.   Then  at the 11:12 minute mark, a spark is lit and he talks about about the existing powerline that is "very near and dear to his heart".  This is the existing powerline that goes to the eastern New England states!

While back to the subject of RICL, in Part 2 of this video Hans says current signed wind contracts of existing Iowa Wind Energy companies in Iowa are in to $35/MWh range.  Transmission is about $20/MWh.  The PTC adds another $22/MWh.   So now this "economically priced"  wind energy from Iowa is at $77/MWh.

If you continue watching this 4 part video, Hans later says this project is not viable without the Production Tax Credit!

I do hope RICL comes back to northern Illinois to hold real information meeting with Illinois stakeholders and answers a few questions.

How much is the energy going to cost us? 

Who is this electricity really for?  Illinois where there is a surplus of energy or New England where the real demand is?

What happens to this powerline when there is no more Production Tax Credit?  Sooner or later, the nation will have to get off this addiction.  When that happens Illinois farmers will be left with an aerial sewer through their fields.

Funny how "clean" energy can be the root of an addiction.

I oppose Rock Island Clean Line (ICC Docket # 12-0560)

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    Big wind most corrupt and most corrupting....true very true.

    I still say PTC=PCP