Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RICL and There Dirty Secrets

RICL claims every project by Clean Line Energy project will employee 5,000 people.  I'm no economist, but doing the math that adds up to 20,000 construction jobs!   That is a very difficult number to find believable.  Every economic report I have seen about Iowa wind energy sent to Illinois shows no savings for the MISO region.  Any jobs created by this powerline will be transient jobs as RICl has hire a construction company out of Kansas.  These construction jobs will have no community impact on beyond hotels and small cafe's.

RICL claims 500 operations jobs will be created for a 500 mile powerline.  That's 1 job per mile?  Is this more math from economist without calculators? One job per mile from a simple powerline is terrible productivity.  I have difficult believing this claim of job creation.

RICL claims $320 million in savings for the consumers?   Really?  How much money are taxpayers going to pay for over 4,300 MWh of new wind energy with the Production Tax Credit included?  According to the Dept. of Energy Accounting Office, tax payers are already borrowing from China and paying 1.5 billion through 2016 to the owners of windmill companies.  The 2010 average cost for wind energy was over $56/MWh above the actual cost of the electricity.  There is no savings when we will be paying a bloated price for this wind energy.  The truth is this wind energy has higher costs, and even Economist David Loomis admits there aren't many full time permanent jobs created by wind farms like those potentially built in Iowa for this project.

Even with RICL's fuzzy math, the economists cannot show consumers a savings beyond the margin of error for the MISO region.

This is not an incredible opportunity.  There is no permanent job growth.  The construction jobs will largely come from out of state...if not outside the country.   The owners of management of Clean Line Energy Partners once owned Horizon Wind Energy.  It was sold to Goldman Sachs and later sold the EDP Renewables.  If the RICL project goes through, who do you think will own the windmills in Iowa?  EDP Renewable.  Where do you think our tax money from the Production Tax Credit will go?  Spain.

Clean Line Energy Partners does not own one pole or mile of wire.  Yet I have never seen so many shell companies and holding companies since ENRON.  Clean Line Energy Partners LLC,  Rock Island Wind, Rock Island Clean Line, Clean Line Investments, Clean Line Investors LLC.... It goes on an on. There are also at least six other shell companies for the other three powerline projects.  I seriously don't know if ENRON had this many shell companies and Clean Line still does not add one cent of value to the economy!  When comparing shell company per person employed or shell company per economic output, Clean Line Energy Partners has far and away more shell companies than ENRON.

This project will not provide economic recovery to America.  RICL will not provide lower energy costs.  This project will only serve to take land away from several hard working farmers and families in Illinois and Iowa and give the land and the profits to just a handful, starting with Michael Zihlka and the Ziff Brothers from New York City.  President Roosevelt had a term for people like this and companies like Clean Line Energy.  He called them "private socialists".   I know of no better term when 12,000 acres of land is taken from so many and given to so few!

The "savings" this project will bring come from a much higher energy cost.  Hans Detweiler and Jimmy Glotfelty of RICL have both stated this energy will cost about $45/MWh.  Add to that the Production Tax Credit, this energy will cost consumers at a minimum $67/MWh!

This is just some of RICL's dirty secrets. RICL has failed to answer one simple question to Illinois consumers.

How much will this electricity cost us?

They project a savings, but what is the true cost?

It's time RICL start being honest with Illinois stakeholders in this project.

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