Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jimmy Glotfelty Said What?!?!?!?

Jimmy Glotfelty is the #2 guy at Clean Line Energy Partners.  In the coming weeks his relevance to the company will be explained further, but for now this quote of his has to be shared.  It is priceless!

Below is an actual quote of Jimmy Glotfelty.
Jimmy Glotfelty
   07/20/12 22:01

You know...I agree with you....but the fact is, that there is not one single landowner that has been forced to put a wind turbine on his property. It is their land and their choice to make revenue (about 10k per turbine per year)...really no different from a cell tower or radio tower..
BTW, Jenna I see you have 3 pages of articles you have commented on.....you must be an energy expert too!
Thanks for you opinions, but let the professionals deal with the facts...

For once, I agree with some one at RICL!  This is our land!  This should be our choice!

So...why is RICL going after eminent domain again? 

"It's their land and their choice to make revenue..."

That's almost good enough to put up on a billboard!

I thought the Clint Eastwood quote from last summer's Republican convention "We own this land" was good and thought about putting it on a 4ft X 8ft sign out in the field on Rt 52 with a couple of "BLOCK RICL" small signs next to it.   

The Jimmy Glotfelty quote "It's their land and their choice to make revenue"  beats all slogans!     


  1. Wait a sec... what's this crap about "let the professionals deal with the facts..."? Who is Jenna and why was Jimmy attempting to ridicule her? Jimmy may be a "professional" barnyard waste artist, but THE PEOPLE are "professional" lie detectors and "professional" transmission line opponents. So, Jimmy, go back to Texas and let the REAL PROFESSIONALS handle energy policy in Illinois, mmmkay?

  2. Evidently no one there considered that local zoning laws for residential neighborhoods can play into this issue. I would not want my residential neighbor to put up a huge wind turbine tower.